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The data in Dianetics and Scientology books
have precise applications. Do an Extension Course
and get the full understanding and benefits of the

Extension Courses


Problems of Work Course

(This easy extension course includes the book ‘Problems of Work’ and lessons. Call our Registrar and get started now.
(Course can be done on-line or as a mail-in version).


Have you ever wondered how a person who is both able and intelligent, still not succeed in life? Or feel overwhelmed with the relentless, day-to-day duties of life when it should be fun, energetic, productive and exciting?


The answer is they lack the essential tools – a solid foundation upon which stability and certainty are built. The keys to success (and maybe some overlooked keys to life) are revealed in this course. You will acquire tools to make you more successful in work and everyday life—it’s what Scientology is all about.


This Course is done as an extension course, but you can get any in-person help you need from the local Boise Mission. Contact the Boise Mission to get signed up (see below)

On-Line Courses


Communication Course  (free)

“A man is as alive as he can communicate,” L. Ron Hubbard


In this course you will learn what good communication consists
of and equally important, how to recognize the bad.


– why more communication, not less, brings the individual
   greater freedom

– a great many unpleasant situations in life can be avoided and
   resolved with
good communication. It’s up to you to know
and use this data.


On-line at:

Additional on-line (free) courses:

The Emotional Tone Scale
Answers to Drugs
Integrity and Honesty

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